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The Uyuni Salt Flat and colored lagoons are the touristic attractiveness most stunning that human has ever known in the globe. Both places located at southwestern of Bolivia are unique in its kind, for its landscapes beauty rich in biodiversity and over all the condition that offers for have an adventurous tourism.

It is where Senda Andina Tourism was born, with politics and ideas to afford a high quality service, the tireless growth of the industry without chimney in Bolivia and for those demanding visitors; it creates new necessities that could be satisfied with time experience, the great care of professionalism and responsibility could made a person.


To develop an alternative tourism and generate income sources where beneficiaries frame under the principles of respectful and responsibility with the community and the environment through the production of services and trips with superior quality.


• Integrity.
• Responsibility.
• Team work.
• Professionalism.
• Enthusiasm.


Since the beginning we have concentrate to take the compromise with community that must have with the natural environment and landscapes, reciprocity between man and nature. We make aware the community that lives in the place, with the sense of preserve what we have, and care the environment what is definitely our source of work.

During the trip we do over tracing routes, we train to sensitize people to not change and restrict the environment.

We emphasize in the tourism as one exceptional motor and sometimes the only one which helps the development of the poorest and alienated communities. That is why we lead a local guide in our trips. The food, as breakfast and lunch are prepared with local products obtained from the local families who at the same time learn to serve their hosts in the best way without losing their authenticity.


About 2007 Senda Andina emerge with the necessity to afford a quality service and also it would be different with other existent tourism companies and different also to the movement generate by the flow of foreign visitors who has as destiny the Uyuni Salt Flat. Most of them overwhelm with the landscape beauty but at the same time discouraged by the services and also frightened by the treatment of the impressive natural reserve.

These are the reasons why Senda Andina opens its doors to the public with offices in Uyuni town, battle with whose were in conflict with our opinion. Despite all we achieve to come up. Nowadays we are ready, prepared and with the experience to afford a good service with the minimum concepts of responsibility and mutual respect between man and nature, where the beneficiaries are: you, us, our children and the children of our children, that can be witness of these and the uncountable beauties that provides us the mother earth.


Nowadays we rely with the right human sources and qualified to develop in each area, our company believes in the acknowledgement of the well done work, that is transmit to others and each one of our sales agent as well as the operating part.

Each new member of the team has a special training for weeks where is taught our philosophy which characterized us as a company with a respectful culture. Between the moral values most important is the integrity, honesty and respect, our people is engaged in providing an excellent quality and personalized service. This includes a shared vision of who we are and where we go.

This goes with the way we treat our clients. We encourage our personal staff to think different to the rest of the world with the object that they can take a caution risk in the achievement of results and create an informal atmosphere with an open communication to give freedom to contribute in the own initiative. This is part of our culture and we appreciate it.


With the objective of an efficiency attention to our clients, SENDA ANDINA has seen the necessity of establish strategic points to monitoring and planning of trips equipped that find grouped geographically.

In each town our team of Receptive tourism is compound for professionals oriented to satisfy the necessities specifics of each client, educated and trained in the different areas to develop. Each zone counts with a communicative system, offices, tourism guides and touristic transport coordinate in pro to offer quality service to our visitors while they are under our responsibility.

• About our offices.

3 Important zones in Bolivia:

UYUNI: It is located in Potosi department, as central operating office and general management, specialized in adventurous tourism in the huge Salt flat of Uyuni. Besides we manage routes with the miner city of Potosi and the white City or colonial city of Sucre.

LA PAZ: It is a city with large urban and politic movement, social and commercial empire managing the culture and ancestral routes, combining the beauty and natural landscapes of the virgin jungle until reach the higher snowy picks.

SANTA CRUZ: Is a blessed land for its wonderful warm weather, colored landscapes and natural, managing missionary, prehistoric, historic routes and as well as the national parks with diversity in fauna and flora.

3 Important zones internationally.:

CUSCO: In Peru another incomparable centre of great touristic movement since we beginning the tour with a final destiny Bolivia, crossing the enigmatic Titicaca Lake.

SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA: It is located in the northeast of Chile for who arrive from the southern with great illusion of discovers the secrets of the white deserts beauty in Bolivia.

SALTA: It is located in the north of Argentina where our visitors prefer enjoy the warmth of Andean valleys using the train as a appetizer before the main course like the white deserts or Salt Flat of Uyuni.

• About our vehicles.

SENDA ANDINA has the adequate transport mediums to do make our trip, TOYOTA 4x4 Lexus Land Cruiser. They all fit for all terrain, in ideal conditions offering reliability and comfort in movements.

Also, each one of our cars has the adequate equipment which is compound by auxiliary tires, auxiliary tank of water and fuel, cylinder of oxygen and medicine chest. Besides all cars have Insurance against accidents (SOAT) to transport of people given.


ECOLODGE CHAIN is the name given to our ecological hotels located strategically on the shores of Salt Flat and at the foot of Thunupa Volcano whose name is “Tambo Coquesa” its substructure was built with a volcano stone base and what we have is a relaxing space in each of the bedrooms, a meeting with oneself and the nature, enigmatic nights and amazing views.

Another unequaled atmosphere is “The Flamingos Hotel”, located on the shores of Sinking Lagoon. It was built with mud, stones and plaster with shape as the Andean cross and surrounding by the fascinating presence of pink Flamingos, besides of the rustic beauty of the high Andean plateau. Both hotels provided by single, double, triple and suits rooms with private bathroom, hot water shower, built under the principles of sustainability and environment protection without break with the characteristic of the physic environment.

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